Living in a Technological World That Never Ceases to Grow, Especially Cell-phones, Making Older Technology Obsolete

Last week I walked into a store and I saw a small flip phone on sale. It had a really good price, but for a moment I thought: who wants a flip phone? Today when most of the people carry smart phones, who wants to be the owner of a small phone? These phones are only to make phone calls.
I realize that time is running so fast and we are getting old, and technology is advancing at a pace that does not even allow us to stop and appreciate the comfort in which we are living today. It was not a long time ago when not every house had a phone. There were just a couple of phones in a neighborhood, and when it was necessary people had to go to the closest business and pay to make a phone call.
Years later more homes had access to land line phones. It was not until the middle eighties when cell- phones become available. The first cell-phones were big, heavy and expensive. Just ten years ago a cell-phone’s main job was just to make phone calls, once in a while to send a text message. Today we can see even elementary school children carrying their own smart phones, or cell-phones.
As times goes by, technology continues to advance in ways we could never imagine. Cell-phones, which were once used to just make phone calls, are now being used as small computers on the go. It is incredible to even imagine what the future holds for our technological devices

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