Living on a dollar a day?

I got this idea from third world countries living on a dollar or less a day.

Is it even possible to live on a dollar a day? I can’t imagine how one would do so. I work every day out in the construction field. Every morning on the way to work I stop by McDonald’s to grab a sweet tea for the day. Right there is my dollar for the day. No way would I be able to survive on tea let alone less than that. I got to thinking about what cost less than a dollar. Hamburgers at McDonald’s cost about 40 cents each. But just 2 of those is like an appetizer to me. So then I move on. A can of spaghetti o’s cost about $1.50. That is over budget. Packs of roman noodles cost about 20 cents each so about five of those might be enough to keep me feed throughout the day. That might be able to hold me over.

Then what about getting around or to work? It is nuts to think how much gas is today. If you are living on a dollar or less a day, it is impossible to drive to work even in a scooter I would say. You would need to ride your bike to work and back home. There you are burning more calories and we get back to what you need to eat for the day. This is a viscous circle.

I guess what I am trying to say is how lucky we are to live in these countries where this is not a problem. Everyday added up to what I use and what I eat, I would say I use of $25 a day. That is ridiculous. We are privileged to live in these countries. Don’t take it for granted.

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