The Television is a Proponent For Good

Many people believe that the television is bad, that is it dilutes peoples minds and hurts our progress. I on the other hand believe it is a great invention that should only be improved upon. The television allows for so much variety and the possibility to revolution. The educational programs that are on TV are so beneficial for children. I remember when I was younger, I always watch the educational programing that was available to me and believe it was great. I was able to learn so much. As embarrassed as I might be to admit, I still watch some of the programming available to children today. The educational knowledge mixed with the entertainment is great for kids to get their attention and allow them to get a head start on learning that could help them in the future with school.

Another great thing about the television is the entertainment factor. I know that personally, my family used to always gather around and watch some TV shows or movies. It was a great way to bring everyone together. The variety of things to watch and the quality of programming allows almost everyone something interesting to see. Me being a huge sports fan, I love going to sleep watching Sportscenter. I get to catch up on all the important sports facts of the day I might have missed. I know my father loves watching the news every night, and he feels great being able to flip in between the important things in this world, the news, and something he enjoys watching, the local sporting event. Ultimately, the television is beneficial to everyone, regardless of what you like to do.

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