Major League Baseball: National League Rookie of the Year Contenders

Major League Baseball will be releasing the winner of the Rookie of the Year awards soon and there are three contenders. The three players for the National League are Shelby Miller, Yasiel Puig, and Jose Fernandez. Shelby Miller is a Starting Pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, who are National League Champions this year and will be competing in the World Series this Wednesday, October 23rd. Miller had a record of 15-9 during the regular season with an Earned Run Average ERA of 3.06. ERA is the amount of runs allowed per 9 innings. The second contender is Yasiel Puig, the Right Fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers made a good run in the playoffs, but lost to the Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. Puig finished the season with a solid .319 batting average and 19 home runs. The last player on the list is Jose Fernandez the 21 year old Starting Pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Fernandez finished the regular season with a 12-6 record and a 2.09 ERA.

The two top contenders for the National League Rookies are Yasiel Piug and Jose Fernandez. Both players are Cuban natives and are natural baseball players. Yasiel Puig came in to the league in June and became the spark plug for the Dodgers with a great batting average and many runs batted in RBIs. Puig cooled off towards the end of the season but is still a force to reckoned with. Jose Fernandez came into the League as 20 inexperienced 21 year old pitcher and turned out to be one of the only bright spots on the struggling Miami Marlins.

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