UCF’s Shocking Win Against Louisville

This passed weekend was definitely a great one to be Knight’s football fan. The University of Central Florida pulled out an outstanding win against the Louisville Cardinals. Before last weekend, Louisville was ranked sixth in the Coach’s poll and eighth in the AP poll. College football fans perceived this to be an awesome game, but it was expected that Louisville would take the win.

The Knights were not keeping up in the first half of the game. At one point, the Cardinals  were beating us 28 to 7 and it seemed that an easy victory was in order. However, UCF came back with a vengeance after half time and gave ULOU a run for their money. They snapped right back in with a six play, 74 yard touchdown drive. Louisville finally realized that this game wasn’t going to be so easy after all.

The game was at 28-28 and no one knew how this one was going to play out. In the end, it was UCF that came bolting down with a two yard touchdown. The ball belonged to the Knights with just 23 seconds left. Everyone in the ULOU stands were filled with shock and disappointment. Meanwhile, here in Orlando, UCF was going crazy for their team who truly pushed on to greatness.

Now, the University of Louisville has gone down to 18 on the AP poll. The University of Central Florida is finally ranked at 21, as we knocked UF out of the poll. The game ended 38 to 35. It was a perfect weekend and I can’t get over how proud I am to be a Knight.

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