Making Friends One “LOL” at a Time

In today’s day and age, the Internet is where you can find anyone. Kids, teenagers, and adults take part in the world wide web and social networking. Facebook is the main source of friendship making and/or reconnection. Basically, now we are able to not only catch up with old friends online, but we are also able to make friends this way. Some people even go from friendships into relationships online. We must first start with the friendship aspect first.

Back when I was younger, my friends and I would talk for hours over our home phones. Now, kids and teenagers pull out their iPhones and log on to Facebook to chat with their friends online. Talking to one another through a phone or computer screen is ultimately much easier and less nerve wracking to the introverted people. They feel more secure and braver when “hidden” behind a screen. This is what I believe gets introverts to break their shy habits. Once they practice this online, they carry it out in to the real world and can hold better conversations with different people they meet. I, for one, have experienced this personally because of my shy nature. Different social networking websites gave me more courage to talk to people.

Psychologists have even proven this to be partly true. Of course there are negative effects to only talking through the Internet, but I have mostly seen positive outcomes. The “shy kids” can make friends through the Internet and can talk to people they might not have been able to in person. This gives them more confidence thus making communication in real life easier for them.

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