TV KIlled the Radio and then the Internet slit the Television throat

What is the cause to the death of the Radio?

It seems as though the main outlet of information is the TV. Today’s people love to see what is going on around them. Is it fair to say that we are becoming visual learners who can relate to what they see rather than what they hear? For example, males rather go to a game in the arena or watch the game on a huge flat screen TV than listening to it play by play like they did back in the days on the radio. Women like to watch music videos to see the plot of the song and even scoop the new trending fashion style of the celebrities than singing along with the song on the radio. Also when it comes to music there is a certain emotional effect it has on you when you hear it. With just listening to the music you can make your assumption of what that artist is saying but when you watch the video you discover exactly what they were trying to portray in their words.

What about the internet? Is it the evil step sister to television?

While TV is booming rapidly with new shows to keep the interest of their watchers, it seems like a few of their audiences are seeking information from the internet. The internet has it all. Everything you wish to desire is just a click away. Everything that radio once offered was enhanced by television and now what we see on television is being exposed on the internet, even before television gets a chance to premiere it. What will come next of the digital age? Will something new come and overshadow the power of the internet?

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