Malaysian Airlines Airplane Goes Missing During Flight

A Malaysian Airlines Airplane filled with passengers from fourteen different nationalities including four Americans has gone missing. Officials are not sure where the plane could have gone. It just disappeared and the airplane cannot be located via radar or GPS.

Officials are not sure how the plane even went missing. They haven’t ruled out foul play, and think a terrorist could have hijacked the plane. Some even suspect that an explosion  from some type of bomb could have caused the plane to go off the radar. According to a quote from a source cited in an article, “the aircraft is likely to have disintegrated at around 35,000 feet.” This would further explain why there is no debris. Many other vessels in search for the plane have been vigorously searching for the missing plane, and still haven’t found anything.

Other officials think that there may have been two individuals who falsely used passports, and their plan was to fly from Beijing to Europe without going through any checks or procedures. The problem with finding the aircraft is that there are a lot of oil slicks between Beijing and Vietnam. However, a group from Vietnam is investigating an oil slick off the Gulf of Thailand. America and China have also sent ships to search for the missing airplane.

This is a very mysterious situation. There was no bad weather, so the disappearance of the plane is deliberate or at least a by product of of some malevolent deliberate action. Hopefully, the plane will be found so that the truth of the matter can be revealed.

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