Malaysia’s lost Flight 370 claimed to be found with No actual evidence and No survivors!!

Malaysia’s lost flight 370 for about a week now was finally found this morning down over by the southern Indian Ocean. A new analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and accident investigators apparently ended any hopes that anyone survived. Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, statement that there were no survivors came after the airline sent a text message to relatives saying it “deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH 370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.” I found to be heartbreaking and cold for an airline to send family members of all those lost lives this devastating news through a simple, dry text message and it just shows the amount of respect they have for their own people. Which brings me to my next point, was the plane really lost? Or is this just something to clear any suspicion of what really what happened to Malaysia’s lost flight 370.

In addition, according to reporters that were begged to respect the privacy of relatives the Prime Minister based his announcement on what he described as unprecedented analysis of satellite data sent by the plane by British satellite provider, Inmarsat and the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch. But, didn’t describe the nature of the analysis although he said it made it clear that the plane’s last position was in the middle of the remote southern Indian Ocean, “far from any possible landing sites.” So, in other words the Malaysian lost flight 370 is basically being assumed to be completely lost based on satallite data by British satellite providers not even their own people from Malaysia, which explains why the relatives would be told this drastic news by a meaningless text message. Concluding with the fact that there is still no evidence of the Malaysian lost flight 370 being found in the southern Indian Ocean and that no one survived because everything is being based on where the last satellite signal was sent from the flight not actual evidence of the flight and the people in it. Also, i think that the relatives should beg for justice and not just leave it at that the flight was last tracked to be at the southern Indian Ocean with no evidence of the lost flight or the lost lives. So, the question still exists of what really happened to Malaysia’s lost flight 370 and is it possible that this was a terrorist attack and that the Malaysian Prime Minister and their government are aware of this, but just don’t want to worry their people or might just be in it with the same British people that are claiming the last seen satellite signal was by the southern Indian Ocean.


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