New Dr. Phillips Center promotes Local Artists

The Florida Theatrical Association and the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts announced the first Broadway America Season at the new Dr. Phillips Center with Phantom of the Opera. Opening in November, the season will start on December 3rd with Motown the Musical, and will also feature The Book of Mormon, Pippin, Beauty and the beast and many more!

The arts have always been a rich part of our history, and many art lovers and performers alike have always wanted a place where they can go and perform to their hearts content. In 2003, the Orlando Performing Arts Center Corporation was established, which provided the first stepping stone to transform Orlando into the thriving arts center that everyone has been waiting for. From 2005 to 2007, several plans were made from creating the blueprints for the building, as well as the financial needs. On August 22nd, 2008, the design of the performing arts center was unveiled at a public celebration. A 100 foot tall flagpole with an orange and white flag was raised at the future location of the front door of the center. The flag was raised as a gesture and appreciation for all of those who made the project possible, and also as a sign of commitment for the future of the project.

In 2009, things became a little tricky. Due to the decline in the economy, funding from the TDT was delayed, which also altered the original construction timeline for the center. The community then came together and asked for local support in order to continue with the project. With several people donating to the cause, including Disney, the project was able to move forward. In 2010, the center officially launched its new brand and name- Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The center was named after the Phillips family, who have always been deeply involved in supporting the arts in Central Florida, and have often hosted musicians and artists in their own home. The center also launched its first social media initiatives with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flikr. With over ninety million dollars pledged to date, the center would take off with a bang, with tons of plans to make it the top performance center in Orlando.

The mission of the center is “to provide an inspirational, creative place where people love to be and where people love to work.” This mission will be realized with the build of a 330,000 square foot facility on over nine acres of land. The siteplan will include an acoustical theater, a Walt Disney theater, a rehearsal room, as well as a School of the Arts. Construction is currently underway and is scheduled to be complete in November, with the first show on December 3rd.

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