Why Dating Should Be Enjoyable: A Learning Experience

Whether you are married or single, looking or currently head over heels, everyone has had to date at one point or another. That could either have been the most fun in your life or hell on Earth.

As society and the world around us changes, dating is ever changing as well. No longer do we go to a 75 cent movie with guys dressed in leather jackets and girls in poodle skirts.

Is there more pressure on dating now than there used to be?

There is a thin line between what a real date even is anymore.  Does a date have to be the classic dinner than movie? Or is it acceptable to grab a drink after work and call it a date?

The key is communication.

That may mean a phone call, text, email, or message over a media site, or even face to face contact.

Regardless of the form of communication, if both parties agreed to a specific place at a specific time for a specific point of getting to know one another then that should be classified as a date.

There are so many stigmas of how one should be asked out on a date and where to go that people lose sight of what a date is supposed to be about.

Essentially, dating is to get to know another person and have a good time. Dating should also be about growing. People can learn so much about themselves by learning from others.

Our society needs to focus on learning about other people and being selfless. Once that is established dating will become fun and the best time of your life.

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