Manning No Longer A Colt

This past week saw the shocking, yet not so shocking, announcement that Peyton Manning was being relieved as his QB duties in Indianapolis.  Manning played for the Colts since joining the league in 1998 and holds numerous records amongst the team and has led them to 2 Superbowls, 3 AFC Championships and 11 playoff appearances.  Currently he has more completions, pass attempts, yards passing, and touchdowns than any other active quarterback.  After going down earlier this year and undergoing numerous neck procedures, Manning has been training and regaining strength in his throwing arm.  He has been cleared by doctors to play moving forward and he claims this is the best he’s felt in six years.  With numerous teams around the league lacking in the quarterback area, Manning will be a heavily sought after asset in this years free agency.  Currently Manning is meeting with teams around the league including, but not limited to the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, and Tennessee Titans.  It is rumored that he is also going to meet with the Dolphins organization at some point, but that seems more like hopeful thinking.   I doubt manning would consider Arizona, seeing as how they are an NFC team and Manning has stated that he wishes to remain in the AFC in order to limit direct competition with his brother Eli. If Manning ends up playing for the Denver Bronco’s next season then a massive trade will be involved surrounding current Denver quarterback Tim Tebow.  Speculation currently see’s Tebow winding up in his home town of Jacksonville playing for the not so stellar Jaguars next season if the Bronco’s decide to go with Manning.  It seems as though there is going to be a big shuffle in the league and the varying divisions this coming season, and wherever Manning ends up will have a lot to gain.

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