March Madness Bracket Craze

For sports fans, March Madness is one of the most exciting times of the year.  68 of college basketball’s best teams battle it out in a single elimination tournament to crown a national champion.  This bracket style tournament has given fans all around the world an opportunity to pick who they think will win each and every game.  Year by year, filling out a bracket has become more popular and it seems like everyone is doing it.

Selection Sunday is a big day for college basketball fans.  This is when they find out who and where their favorite team is playing.  After this information is revealed, people can go online and fill out their own bracket.  At this point, people become “analysts” and try to decipher who will win each game.  Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible to do.  No one has ever filled out a perfect bracket.  Upsets are inevitable in the NCAA tournament which will likely crush anyone’s dreams of a perfect bracket.

People have also filled out brackets for money in different groups.  They will throw in ten or twenty bucks (or sometimes more) with whoever having the highest win percentage taking all.  Warren Buffet has even stated he will give away one billion dollars to anyone who fills out a perfect bracket.  As mentioned earlier, this hasn’t been done and is nearly impossible to do.

Each year, more and more people fill out brackets and it’s easy to see why.  Anyone can participate and it’s fun to do.  There are many teams capable of going all the way this year which makes it even harder to predict.  Which Cinderella team will pull an upset and bust everyone’s bracket this year?


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