How The Power Of Television And The Internet have Changed The World We Live In

The internet and Television are intertwined. Television sparks the idea and the internet is the tool used to elaborate on that idea. Television will continue to change the face of the planet for as long as there is someone one side of the the camera telling a story and someone on the opposite side willing to  watch. As humans we learn two ways from what we experience and what we observe. Television has given us the opportunity to capture the real and unreal, to let our minds explore the depths of our imaginations.

Television has taught us habits, told us stories, showed us what other peoples versions of reality are, and shared with us emotions. Television has given us the power and the free will to use what we see in a negative or positive way. Television is still in its infancy stage and we have not come close to witnessing its true potential. Most countries have not reached the era of the internet so it is still in its newborn stage. An idea is just an idea until it has been marinated and tossed around, this is what the internet has started doing. The internet has connected us and given us the benefit of a two way interaction.

Not only are we able to share knowledge, cultures, and stories,  with the internet we are able to explore and criticize the depths of what we learn. The single most important thing that the internet has taught us is research.  As a species we have been given the tool to question what we are told and create our own reality. The Internet and Television have given us the power to become independent thinkers, wiser individuals, and a more connected universe. This is just the beginning of a world wide revolution.

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