Pregnant Woman Drives Car Into The Ocean and While In Jail, Punches Her Stomach to Hurt Her Unborn Child

A pregnant 32 year old woman, Ebony Wilkerson from South Carolina that is a mother of 3 children ages 3, 9 and 10 drove her car into the ocean on March 6th 2014 in Daytona, Florida. The day that she drove her car into the ocean she was speaking about Jesus and that there was demons in the house. The children were inside the car saying that their mother was trying to kill them and when people rescued the two children, they were crying saying that there was a baby inside the car. They took the mother to the hospital for a mental evaluation and the children as well and now the children are with The Florida Department of Children and Families.

Now the pregnant mother was caught punching herself in the stomach while in jail and she is 28 weeks pregnant. She was then sent to a psychiatric hospital as a result of the Baker Act. An OB/GYN testified on Monday that Wilkerson needs to be seen more than usual during her pregnancy going to weekly appointments to make sure that everything is okay with the baby and her. The state said that Wilkerson has to be in the sight of corrections officers at all times to make sure that she doesn’t do anything to harm herself.

Ebony is being charged with first -degree murder and child abuse and is being held in jail on $1.2 million dollar bond.  They are going to be watching her closely to make sure that everything is okay with the unborn child.

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