Marlins President Unhappy With Team Play

When we look at the Miami Marlins, we see a baseball team that is young, has a lot of potential but also lacks the proper leadership according to many sources. As the new baseball season approaches, the Marlins are looking to add to their dismal track record and begin the road back to the playoffs. Marlins President David Samson was quoted earlier monday morning stating that he believes that the marlins should play a faster style of baseball and this is important for the fans. But, when we look at the stats, who is he kidding? The Marlins are among the lead leaders in fastest play time and I believe this is all an excuse to why there aren’t fans buying tickets to see them play.

Samson, who was recently kicked off first on the show Survivor, believes the marlins problems are not dealing with their actual players but outside stimuli. When we look at the big picture, the Marlins are a minor league team playing against the biggest names in the game. The Marlins though, have picked up some key players this off season and believe that this can propel them into a bigger picture and start a quest to win another championship. Statistics don’t lie and contracts don’t either. The Marlins are the second lowest paying team in the league and still have aspirations to win baseball games. The fans of Miami are ready for a real team to show up and put on a show. Marlins fans are still predicting another slow year.

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