Missing Malaysian Plane went down in Indian Ocean

It took 17 days.  A Malaysian Airline jet took flight and disappeared. Disappeared. After 17 days had passed, unfortunately everyone received the news that no one wanted to here. The Malaysian plane, flight 370, met its end in the southern reaches of the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, there were no survivors. Officials have stated that the plane was lost somewhere over in the deep waters of Perth, Australia.  The announcement came from Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, made the announcement and stated that now it’s a race to fine the black box before it stops working.  The device is said to obtain batteries that can last for over a month and the black box can continue to send signals for up to two weeks.

The issue here is exactly why the plane faulted off course so quickly? Many individuals, including the families of the deceased, are complaining that the announcement does not explain any questions about possible mechanical or electrical failure. The announcement also does not state whether the plane was hijacked, sabotaged by terrorism or simply a mechanical failure that occurred during the flight. News reports state that Malaysian officials state that all passengers have been cleared of any foul play, however, the pilots are still be investigated.

Now the race is against time. Even in past flights that have met their end by flying into the ocean, due to the vast largeness of the ocean, it can take years to find the black box. Now, everyone just has to wait.

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