Windermere Officer’s Killing Still Unclear and Under Investigation After Two Suspect Teens Were in The Windermere Area

A 31-year old police officer Robert German from Windermere, Florida was killed early March 22, 2014 while on patrol.  Two teenagers shot this police officer. The two teenagers were Brandon Goode 18 years old and his girlfriend Alexandria Hollinghurst 17 years old and both from Davenport, Florida. Authorities are saying that officer German had called for backup and the crews from the Orange County sheriff’s office. The Ocoee police department and the Orlando police department had responded. German was rushed to the hospital and he later died from his injuries.

There has been some speculation about the shooting and investigators are saying that they don’t know what led to the shooting or why Hollinghurst and Goode were in the Windermere area because the both of the teenagers died from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wounds around the same are that German was shot on Conroy Windermere Road and Horizon Circle.

The detectives are trying to figure out a timeline to see what led to the tragic series of events. The fallen officer’s mother said that German loved his job and going to work everyday. Investigators in Polk County found suicide notes from each of the teenagers last week. They had entered the suicide notes into the system so that if someone ran their names they would see that the teenagers were missing, endangered and suicidal out of Polk County. They have already set a funeral date for the fallen officer for this Thursday. There have been a few incidents happening a lot lately where people are killing the officers. Officers risk their life everyday for us and criminals go and kill these people that go and risk their life’s for us.

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