Matt Damon gives an incredible performane in his new movie “The Martian” but what was the biggest challenge to create this great film? – Click to find out!

Matt Damon plays a NASA researcher who gets stranded by himself when a sand storm hits him and his other mates on the mission at Mars. His mates left him by himself because they all thought he was dead since he wouldn’t respond when they kept calling for him. 

One of the movies biggest highlights is that the image quality and those amazing shots they have in the film, make it look so real, it was really astonishing to watch. The director of photography did an amazing job, making the audience feel all the emotions their characters were.

The director of movie said that they had to simulate space storms, rockets launching and desolate, as hard as one might think it is to achieve all that, the director tells that that was not the biggest challenge. In fact he assures that one of the most difficult things for this film was having the audience understand what Mark Watney (Matt Damon) was feeling every time, since he was alone he couldn’t communicate with anyone, that leaves a lot of silence times, but somehow they made it work, with different actions and shots of him showing his personality. 

Wow. Talk about hard work, but it definitily paid off, because it was the number one movie at the office this past weekend. We definitely recommend you all to go watch, you wont regret it.

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