3 different school shootings since the end of last month

It seems like the amount of school shootings have increased in the recent weeks after the news reported 3 different school shootings since September 30th. The things is, since the beginning of the 2015 year, there have been  21 different school shootings, and as of right now it is only October 9th and unfortunately they will most likely continue to happen even with attempting to stop them as much as we can..

This count of 21 shootings includes the Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg, South Dakota shooting where a 16 year old student confronted Principal Kevin Lein in his office on September 30th and pulled out a hand gun and fired a single shot that left the principal with a flesh wound. Assistant Principal, Ryan Rollinger, and Athletic Director, Joey Struwe, tackled the student right after the shooting while the principal put the school on lock down.  Luckily the cops arrived shortly after the principal was shot and the 16 year old shooter was taken into custody and was charged with first degree attempted murder, while the principal was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition.

Another shooting that happened earlier this month was an Oregon college  at Umpqua Community College where shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer walked into Classroom 15 in Snyder Hall on October 1st, started shooting his classmates of less than 1 week. The shooter would ask students questions before shooting them, and then he exited the classroom and fired at two officers. After firing at the two officers, the 26 year old student returned to the classroom and shot himself. As this was going on, Harper-Mercer handed a manifesto at the scene where he complained about his not having a girlfriend and said “Other people think I’m crazy, but I’m not. I’m the sane one.” The police later recovered six guns and copious ammunition from the school. In total 10 people were killed, and nine others wounded in this shooting. This was the deadliest U.S. shooting in the last two years.

The most recent shooting was early October 9th when a confrontation between students at a parking lot of Northern Arizona University caused an 18 year old freshman to pull out a gun and shoot four male students where one has been declared dead, and the 3 other being treated at the hospital. This happened the same day President Obama is set to visit Oregon and the families of those murdered at the Umpqua Community college shooting.

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