Should Christians carry a bible and a gun?

In the wake of the deadly Oregon shootings on yet another college campus, this time targeting Christians, I ask, should Christians start carrying guns? I am not an advocate of guns, however, with the senseless killings continuing to rise, and no resolution in sight, something has to give.

I may have said Christians in the title, but others can definately relate regardless of religious preference. However, my focus is specifically about Christians, it is my belief that more and more Christians will begin to carry guns for protection, fearing they may lose their lives. Should they? I cannot say, although, I would understand. One thing is for certain,we will continue to see more and more innocent victims killed. This time it was religious preference, what will it be next?

Carrying firearms and a bible seems far fetched, or does it? We live in dangerous times where taking the lives of Christians has become common place.These killings are causing widespread panic and things are sure to get worse before they get better.  These fears will possibly lead to gun carrying Christians, which will lead to to more bloodshed, forsaking the commandment, “Thou shall not kill”. College campuses and the mission field will become a war zone.

Finally, as a Christian college student, I do not advocate violence, nor do I advocate being killed either. With that said, if a Christian carried a gun for protection, could we blame them? A person is given but one chance at life, shouldn’t they protect it at all cost? What would you do, if it were you?


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