Microsoft Begins Big HoloLens Rollout For Developers

Earlier this year Microsoft unveiled their virtual reality headset, the HoloLens to the world. Now Microsoft begins their quest to popularize the device beginning with developers. Microsoft has began what they call is a North American “tour” to demonstrate the HoloLens to developers across eleven cities. If enticed by the HoloLens, developers can pre-order the device for $3,000.

Gathering enough developers for the HoloLens will be crucial to its success. Microsoft needs developers to experiment and create various software and extensions to ultimately appeal to the end consumer. These extensions will act as “apps” similar to those on a smart phone, but far more complex. So far we’ve seen software that allows HoloLens users to explore the surface of Mars (compliments of NASA) and video game-esque style virtual wars all from the comfort of your living room. Microsoft is using these software extensions as proof to consumers the HoloLens holds entertainment as well as educational value which should make it appeal to any consumer who can afford the hefty price tag.

While there are no solid plans just yet for a consumer release or price, Microsoft says the HoloLens should be available for the developers by the first quarter of 2016. Rumors have swirled consumers may be able to get their hands on the HoloLens within the next two years, but Microsoft officials have gone on the record saying the HoloLens is on a, “5 year journey to completion”. Until Microsoft releases more information it’s safe to believe consumers have a long time to save up the $3,000 they need to explore the surface of Mars and wage virtual wars in their living rooms.

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