Mazda Creating Better Gas Engines

Mazda has been working on creating a better gas powered engine rather than focus on hybrid and electric vehicle market. Their thoughts are about the average persons income and what they can really afford. Most hybrid and electric vehicles cost too much to buy and the cost down the road to maintain them seems to be very expensive.

Mazda has decided to work on an engine called the Sky-Activ-G 2. Mazda’s goal is to create an engine that can harness a bigger portion of the 70% of wasted fuel that an average car uses. The new engine has a 30% improvement in both emissions and fuel economy while keeping the prices more reasonable over buying a hybrid. Mazda is already hard at work created the Sky-Activ-G 3 and plans on using this new technology in their vehicles by 2020.

It would be great to have better fuel economy and not refill my car as much. The question I have is how much will this cost and if it can be maintained cheaper than a hybrid vehicle. They say it will but the prices have not been released. With their new technique and redesign of the gas engine being hotter than normal worries me that if something goes wrong how much damage can be done to the engine over a regular one?

If this technology becomes real and actually is better than the average gas engine in efficiency and cost then hopefully other car companies follow along and do the same. The other issue is 2020 is a long time from now and who knows how far the advancement of hybrids and electric vehicles will be by then, or if any new type of technology comes out that kills the gas powered engine.

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