Ultra Music Festival at Risk of Shutting Down Permanently

Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is an annual event in Miami where Electronic Dance Music fans get a chance to check out some live shows for an entire weekend. However, UMF has been given a fairly bad reputation due to the amount of people participating in recreational drug use and the way that these individuals act as a result of said drugs.

UMF has been taking place for 15 years and since then there have been videos of girls allegedly making out with trees, incidents of public nudity, and as of late, a security guard being trampled at the venue.  Not much is known about the 28-year old female security guard other than the fact that the incident occurred because the perimeters were breached and people overran the chain link fence that was not reinforced well enough. At the moment the guard is in critical condition with some severe brain damage and a broken leg. Aside from the security guard’s terrible fate, a 21 year-old Adonis Pena Escoda was killed at the event. Little is known about this man other than the fact that he started to feel dizzy and did not make it home after the event.

Unfortunately for UMF fans, these occurrences have led to discussions about closing down the event for good. Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado has been quoted saying “I think we should not have Ultra next year here. This incident should never have happened.”  Furthermore, there were 76 people arrested at the event, 28 were charged with felonies, and 118 people had to be rescued by medical professionals. In order to save UMF the organizers need to find a way to ensure more safety at the event. With all of the threatening messages that the festival has received, it’s certainly in their best interest to figure out how to provide this safety.

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