Medical Examiner keeps Cause of death for Bobbi Kristina a Secret

Bobbi Kristina, only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown passed away earlier this year on July 26, after being placed in a medically induced coma. Six months prior, Kristina was found faced down and unconscious in a bathtub filled with water, at her home in Georgia. However, until recently examiners didn’t know the cause of her drowning. In a September 25 press release, authorities stated “The Fulton County Medical Examiner has classified the cause and manner of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death” , but the Fulton County Superior Court released an order on September 25, 2015 stating that the autopsy report remain sealed and that no further information be released to the public.

Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston was found dead just three years earlier in an oddly similar manner. Houston’s death was linked to drowning by drug abuse and heart issues. Speculation of drugs soon arose after Kristina’s terribly incident as well, but also due to possible abuse by long time boyfriend, Nick Gordon. Gordon, 24,  appeared on Dr.Phil’s show for an intervention in March of this year. An emotional and disconnected, Gordon, was seen expressing his sorrows after losing both Kristina and her mother. The 24 year old, also admitted to having drank two shots of alcohol and doing Xanax  prior to the show. All throughout the show Gordon kept saying how much he missed Kristina and Houston, but at one point mentioned he hated Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown. It was reported “Brown’s estate has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against Gordon” claiming he physically abused her after a “cocaine and drinking binge,” before giving her a “toxic cocktail” which made her unconscious.

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