Is the Digital World Putting the Future of ‘SportsCenter’ at Risk?

Many people do not turn to their televisions for the latest updates as much as they

used to. More than ever, society is relying on their phones and other mobile devices to

consume and share information. Sports companies have been a bit slower about

transitioning from sharing media through traditional mediums like radio and television to

social media and online streaming.

Perform Group is a sports company that is planning on launching what they call the

“Netflix of sports”. The product currently does not have a name, but it will be launched

soon in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Austria sometime in 2016. For around $10 per

month the product will allow users to livestream original content and games. Around the

world, sports cable networks have had lower penetration levels in households. That is why

ESPN is under pressure to re-evaluate and reshape their programming. A huge budget cut

will go into effect in 2016 and will affect original programming like SportsCenter, which

has been a big profit for the network in years past. However, the new millennial generation

of consumers do not wait for a scheduled broadcast for their sports news, because it is

available immediately online.

ESPN is still the clear leader in delivering sports content, but fans want to watch more

games on television and receive their news elsewhere. Whether or not ESPN may try to

create something similar to Perform Groups’ “Netflix for sports” in the future is uncertain,

but they are making major changes to keep up with the ever-changing technological era.

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