My view on Apple consumers.

This fall’s newest iPhone, creatively dubbed the iPhone 6s, just came out and there’s a ton of reasons why you shouldn’t spend up to $749 on the phone. But people that will do anything for the newest iPhone and 12 million have already been sold.

A quick disclaimer – not all apple consumers are terrible. If someone has a legitimate reason to buy the more expensive alternative then by all means, go for it.

My distaste is mostly directed to those who purchase the products because everyone else has one, because their pervious cheaper alternative didn’t work out for them, or to use as a symbol of wealth.

Ask almost anyone why they have an iPhone and they will give you an excuse more basic than the phone itself. I urge consumers to do some research. Get just as excited for Google or Windows events as you do for those of Apple. You will be very surprised to see how these products compare.

We live in a world where technology is an amazing thing. Experience it. See what the market has to offer. In a time where we need more creative people, don’t get stuck using only Apple products.

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