Michael Schumacher’s Slow Recovery in France After Collision

As some people might have seen on news, and world media since the beginning of this year. The Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher has suffered a serious collision while enjoying his nice vacation in Grenoble, France. He was skiing on the French alps accompanied with his son, when suddenly he crashed against rocks and hit his head against it. What was being said on the news is that Schumacher was skiing off the slopes. A practice very common, but risky among skiers and snowboarders, due to the fact that you get to slide on the fresh snow, that has not been touched. However, the dangers of this off slope practice is that there might be elements under the snow such as rocks or trees.

Looking back to Schumacher’s career, he has won seven times the Gran Prix Championship, in 4 different teams, however the one that he most won was with Ferrari. We could say that Schumacher had won everything in Formula 1, and probably there are a few more years ahead until someone beats his records. However, nowadays, Schumacher is fighting for his most important race, come back to life.

After the incident in France, he got into a coma. Today the news affirm that he got rid of the pneumonia he had, and the doctors are still analyzing the factors in order to wake him up, or at least try it.

The Daily Mail confirms that the police had opened an investigation in order to find out if the helmet he was wearing, incorporated with a camera might have been weakened by the video device… However I just think that they are trying to find an excuse around in order to not damage Schumacher’s image by accepting that it was his mistake by going off slope.

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