Sochi Olympics: Russia Extremely Under Prepared for Big Event

As many of us know, the Winter Olympics are in progress in Sochi, Russia. The Russians had four years to prepare to host the world Olympic games. And yet, there are an absurd amount of problems happening with the Olympic Games. Some problems include issues with hotels, political backlash, and many more.

I would firstly like to say I understand when things go wrong its natural. Everything doesn’t come out exactly how its supposed to, but the manor of the mistakes here is inexcusable. The issues with the hotels are a perfect example of these gargantuan mistakes. Issues of the water being toxic have been tweeted about. And it isn’t just the fact that the bath water is toxic but when the person brought it up to the reception they just said don’t wash your face with it. Having an issue like that in countries is horrible, but having an issue like that at a place that is hosting the Olympics is ridiculous.

The worse part is that the water problem has been the tip of the iceberg. There are many more issues with the living situations for both athletes and tourists, but the biggest issue is Russia’s political views on gays. They have banned gay propaganda and basically banned any form of protest with it. I even heard a rumor that the Russian government banned gay athletes from competing.  I hope that’s not true but it isn’t fair to stop its people from protesting something that their government is doing something against their beliefs. I also believe that the Olympic committee needs to choose places where both the athletes and the people watching won’t be shunned for being a certain way

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