Microsoft goes Micro-Hard on The New Windows 8


Unveiled Yesterday in New York City, the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is pulling out all the stops, and many clients are giving it the green light, ‘Go.’ The most thorough overhaul of the OS in nearly 2 decades, analysts are excited to see what the system is capable of when pushed to its limits. Microsoft is taking a whole new approach to their OS and Windows 8 is designed to integrate seamlessly with tablets and touch screen monitors with no issues as well. The new OS features a brand new interface, and a ‘Live Tiles’ system similarly in place on most Windows phones. Some consumers are worried about this feature due to its limited success in the cell-phone market, but Microsoft assures us that it is capable of seamlessly executing every task that it is presented with. Microsoft, now being presented as an ‘Ecosystem,’ consumers will be forced to relearn how to use the OS, as it is very different from the previous versions of Windows.

In addition to the new operating system, windows has also launched a new application and software store that they hope will bring Microsoft into the apps market. Recently released, Microsoft has also shown of it’s newest tablet endeavor called Surface, which some are calling the only chance at an iPad killer to date. With usb drives, expandable memory, and a magnetic keyboard to spare, the surface, if marketed properly will surely help curve the popularity of the newly introduced iPad Mini and the foreseen iPad 4. No matter what Microsoft does, nothing can be as horrible of a failure as the original Windows Vista, and many people have this mindset regarding the new OS that launched on Thursday. Only time will tell, but Microsoft is putting a lot of eggs in this basket, and they are praying that none of them get broken.

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