Trick or Treat: It’s Halloween Time!

Halloween is coming up and that means that once again it’s that time of year where kids get dressed up as their favorite super hero or super villain and go out to strange people’s houses to ask for candy. It’s also that time of year where some teenage girls go out dressed (or barely dressed) showing so much skin that it’s hard to tell whether they’re wearing a costume or lingerie. While trick or treating this year parents must be careful with their children. They need to be aware where they are at and if they go out with them to collect candy, they must keep them in their sights at all times to ensure that their kids are safe. Halloween is a perfect time for a child predator to attack especially with all those children running from home to home makes it easy for a predator to come and snatch a child especially since Halloween is that one time of year where the kids break the no speaking to strangers rule and go running around asking for candy, so parents must make sure to keep an eye on them at all times. Another thing parents must do is make sure that the candy their children receive is clean and not laced with drugs or poison. The thing to remember about Halloween is to have fun but more important is to remember to be safe!

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