Miley Cyrus: Growing Up or Trying Too Hard?

I don’t consider myself to be conservative. Instead, I like to consider myself to be rational and mature. However, I’ve never been in the public eye where every move I make is heavily scrutinized. On the contrary, I’ve been fortunate to live a rather normal life which has alloted me an easy transition from being a child to a young adult (it also doesn’t help that I am an “old soul”).

I guess that’s why I’m so confused and well, disgusted, regarding Miley Cyrus and her new “image.”

My definition of growing up does not consist of provocative clothing or the mention of drugs and/or alcohol. Instead, my idea of growing up means contributing to society as best I can. In other words, educating myself to the best of my ability.

One thing I have noticed in my eighteen years is that those who are taken seriously are the ones not prancing around in a latex bikini or “twerking” (just saying). Like everything else in life, respect is earned.

There are plenty of celebrities who have made the transition from child star to adult without managing to shed their outer physical shell (okay, I mean their clothes). These aforementioned stars gained public respect and proved that being an adult is more than changing their physical caliber.

Here are some recent examples of females who made the transition: Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, and Jodie Foster.

I wish nothing but the best for Ms. Cyrus, I just hope that young girls look to other females to be their role model. Just remember: Classy is better than trashy.

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