The President’s Address and How It Resonated With The Public

As President Obama addressed the nation last Tuesday, the  population of the United States sat, waiting for answers to the puzzling question of what will come of Syria’s breech of humanity in their chemical attack. The nation needed answers, something that would comfort the weary minds of millions who lost sleep over the possibility of another war. As Commander in Chief, our President did what any should do in a time like this by delivering a well-thought-out speech that touched on every possible doubt in the minds of the people.

I watched with scrutiny, to be sure I wasn’t being spoon-fed some romanticized notion of what military action would mean to the world. Everyone should know that we as the public, are consumers of political thought and reason, with the ability to really disrupt the actions of those in charge. However, with full doubt in mind, I was honestly impressed at the eloquence and elaboration that the President used in giving his game plan to the populous. Filled with patriotism and a touch of cockiness, President Obama delivered his speech in a way that answered the gamete of questions circulating around the water cooler for the past few weeks. Knowing that it is nearly impossible to please everyone, he exemplified the characteristics of a leader in giving all opinions an answer in one way or another while still remaining calm and collected.

At the end of the day, what was impressing was the delivery. Everything in the speech, from the words to the timing, was spot on. Filled with relevant information and a little bit of style, we were addressed by a true leader in my opinion, with a staff of writers that knew exactly what to say to nation in a bit of distress. I know a few worries were calmed and much stress was relieved from the mind of the American public.

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