UCF Area Targeted for Tire & Rim Theft

It has been noted that there is an increasing amount of tire and rim theft in the UCF area this month.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, thieving has increased 162 percent from last month.  UCF police are on high alert for this crime and are said to be patrolling parking garages and parking lots to help prevent this from happening.  Although they believe cars will be safe in the garages due to a constant flow of traffic, they will still be checking the area.  The top cars that are being targeted are Honda Civics, Honda Fits, and Dodge Chargers.  This affects me because I drive a Dodge Charger.  I can’t imagine what I would do or how I would respond to seeing my wheels stolen from my car.  My car is my most prized possession.  This has me slightly worried about leaving my car unattended, even though I must.

Seeing this article will definitely keep me on high alert when it comes to where I choose to park on campus.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, the thieves typically strike from midnight to 7 a.m., which is good since I’m not on campus at that time.  However, that doesn’t mean I will let my guard down.  Police say they are faster than a NASCAR team since they have stolen so often and that they are very skilled in avoiding setting off the car alarm.  Even so, they will be able to finish stealing the tires and/or rims by the time the owner heard the car alarm.  This is crazy to think that I now have to be even more careful and strategic about how and where I park, but I’m definitely glad I came across this article.

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