Miley Cyrus’s twerking leads to the Blurred Lines of a Double Standard

The Video Music Awards or the VMA’s to those of us who view the annual award show as a holiday. The equivalent to the Super Bowl for the pop culture, a night full of must see moments and of course music. This year’s VMA’s were no different than the prior years, there is always that one performance that leaves the masses with their jaw open and this year Miley Cyrus takes the cake.

Cyrus’ performed her hit single, “We Can’t Stop” and accompanied Robin Thicke in his “Blurred Lines” performance. However, Miley seemed to do a little more than the usual singing, the self-proclaimed “twerker” was doing just that. Twerking. Cyrus’ pranced about the stage bent over, tongue out and gyrating; she even gave Robin Thicke a dance. As the camera panned to the crowd, the expressions of the stars in the audience mimicked that of someone who just witnessed a train wreck. The media exploded with comments, most of them of a negative nature, “disturbing” and “whore” seemed to be the words of choice when referring only to Miley.

Yet, while Miley was twerking about the stage, did anyone fail to listen to Robin Thicke’s lyrics which references rape and drugs. Also did anyone take into account that Robin Thicke had nearly naked women surrounding him, let’s keep in mind that Thicke is a 36 year old married man with a child. While Miley twerking on him may have been inappropriate, it is completely unfair for her to be the sole recipient of all of the backlash. Meanwhile, the comments or Thickes performance were more about how attractive he is, nothing negative at all. This performance has awakened the double standard that women have been trying to eliminate for centuries, yet it is completely masked by the media and their negative comments.

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