Missing Mother Found Alive After 42 Years

An Indiana woman who was reported missing back in 1974 was found alive and well living in Texas.  The mother of three had signed her parental rights over to her parents at the age of 28, claiming she was “too young for motherhood”.  Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller then vanished without a trace and her parents had not heard from her since they received a letter from her in 1975.  She had been a missing person in the state of Indiana and according to the Indian State Police, that all changed after Detective Sergeant Scott Jarvis took the case in January 2014.  A group that assists families with missing persons investigations called The Doe Network, contacted the Indiana State Police Department about Gillespie-Miller.

Detective Sergeant Scott Jarvis started his search for the woman in Richmond.  He had discovered a case of a Jane Doe whose body was buried in an unmarked grave.  Jarvis had taken a sample of Gillespie-Miller’s daughter’s DNA to test to see if it was a match for the Jane Doe, however while awaiting the results he began to follow some different leads.

He started to follow a woman who had many similarities to Gillespie-Miller, who had lived in Tennessee in the 1980’s and then moved to Texas in the 1990’s.  Jarvis believed that the woman had been living under an alias while living in Texas.

Jarvis and Texas Rangers requested to speak to the woman and ending up discovering that the woman was Gillespie-Miller.  She admitted to the police that was in fact Lula Ann and is now 69 years old.  Gillespie-Miller faces no criminal charges as she did not commit any crimes.  She asked authorities not to release her current location, but did inform her daughter Tammy Miller of her address in hopes of reconnecting with her soon.

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