Tips to Thrive During Finals Week

With finals coming around, there is so much to prepare for to finish the semester strong. Students are presented with papers, presentations, projects and exams. Time management is a key element of success during this time.

Time management is crucial during finals. It is all about balancing. Keeping a calendar or agenda of all assignments due is a great way of staying organized and, therefore, managing time better. Sometimes we can be presented with situations beyond our control, but if we are organized we can easily make quick changes and re-adjust our schedules to get back on track. Also, having a visual aid of the tasks to be done helps us stay reminded and, in some cases, want to finish these tasks so we can just scratch it off the list.

Another way to successfully finish the semester is getting rest. A rested brain will be so much more useful than a tired one. Sometimes it is hard to go to sleep because there is so much to do. That brings us back to the time management discussion on the previous paragraph. There always needs to be time to rest even if that means cutting down on a social life or requesting a few days off from work. When the brain is tired there will be less focus and capacity to retain information, which defeats the whole purpose of studying.

Study groups are also a great study approach. Exchanging ideas with people who already studied the material helps us discuss the material reviewed, and the repetition helps the information stick in the brain faster and longer. Keep in mind that the material needs to be reviewed before participating. Be considerate. As long as cramming is not part of students’ habits, finals week will be like any other normal week.

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