Should Guns Be Allowed In The Classroom

Should students be allowed to carry guns in the classrooms at UCF? This question has been brought, a lot of attention in the past year. Yes we should and no we shouldn’t? What is the right answer and if the answer is yes where do we draw the line? Can anyone bring a gun or only people with concealed carry licenses?

I believe that if we start allowing guns into classroom it will have an adverse affect on the classroom. The classroom is supposed to be a place of higher learning, a place where people go to better education, and a place where heated discussions of opinion take place. For the sake of this argument lets say guns are allowed to be in classrooms, an edgy topic was brought up and two students were stating their views. One student feels wronged by the other student and their view was misconstrued and an argument erupted. It would be very easy for things to get out of hand and a physical altercation to ensue and now we have guns in the classroom, it would not take much for someone who has a gun on their person to resort to this action.

The point I am trying to make is it would only take one bad egg having a bad day to “ruin it” for everyone. At the end of the day we are all humans and we tick differently. The classroom was never intended to be a dangerous place but as the world changes so does the classroom.

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