Bombing in Lahore, Not Only a Tragedy But a Wake Up Call to Europe and The Eastern Part of The World

A powerful blast caused by a suicide bomber injured at least 300 victims in a popular public park in Pakistani city of Lahore Pakistan. The bombing happened on Easter Sunday in the city of Lahore. A suicide bomber from the Pakistani Taliban caused the bomb blast to happen injuring at least 300 victims and killing at least 30. The majority of the victims being Christian. Surprisingly they had guards at the gate of the park but the guards were not checking anybody entering the park which is weird because why would you have guards at a gate then? It leads me to believe or assume that this may have been an inside job or some type of corruption is upon us. A situation like this could have been easily avoided. The government of Pakistan needs to start having a tighter security on things like this especially on a holiday they know is Christian based inside of a Muslim country. They need to start doing more background checks on there security and have more check points in their area.

We constantly hear about bombings not only in their country but in Europe and the eastern part of the world. As sad as this sounds This is a wake up call not only for Europe but the eastern part of the world that they are too loose with security. They need to be more stricter to start catching these suicide bombers. This bombing could have been avoided and lives could have been saved but unfortunately the situation happened and the aftermath followed hopefully better security measures are starting to be made so this country can somewhat live in peace for a while.

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