Investigators confused by the deaths of bald eagles in Maryland and Delaware

A uncommon sight was seen in southern Delaware within the last week when multiple bald eagles found nearly dead were found a mile away from a single dead eagle.

In result, three of them died and two were able to be saved. The remainder of the bald eagles flew away eventually. The pattern of fallen eagles wasn’t entirely new, however. Earlier in the month, 50 miles or less away in Maryland’s Eastern Shore, 13 bald eagles were found dead.

While the bird used to be one of the most notable endangered species, investigators wonder if there is foul play involved in the suspicious behavior of the eagles. Investigators have found from autopsies that the deaths weren’t natural. They’ve rules out natural diseases.

The autopsy results from the Delaware scene haven’t been received, but investigators hope to have them soon. Investigators are now looking into human causes as to why the birds have been falling ill and dying. The man who found some of the ill birds on his property noted that he doesn’t use poisons on his property that could have caused this. He also mentioned he didn’t think anyone nearby did so either.

Currently the reward offered for information hat could lead to the cause of the perpetrator has been raised to $30,000 by various groups, including the American Bird Conservancy. As it stands the fine imposed by the government for killing the federally protected birds could be as high as $100,000 with a year in prison.

Experts believe that while the birds have officially been taken off of the endangered species list, they still need protection in some way, shape, or form, to prevent its low population numbers once again.

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