Understanding Search Engines: a New Age for Marketing and Advertising

The cyber world is like a giant flea market. Everything is out there. Since the internet first hit the public world, everyone has been trying to sell something. In the early days, searching and surfing was tedious and rudimentary compared to today, you really had to hunt for things. Today we are faced with an unending supply of advertisements and marketing.

The changes came partially due to search engines. Google made using the internet easier. Google makes it’s money by finding you things, think of the most helpful dog in the world. All Google wants to do is keep you happy by getting what you ask for.

Search engines are constantly going through websites to find relevant information to make finding what you want easier. The algorithms and code involved are constantly updated but they follow the same idea, and marketers have learned the value of understanding these qualities of search engines.

Every article, advertisement, blog post, or share on social media has been prepared with specific criteria in mind – at least if they are successful. They understand how keywords are used, both long tail and short tail, and they use hashtags, metatags, and carefully construct their content with these terms as well.

Search engines have also figured out how to both help marketers but also monetize these advertising opportunities. Google doesn’t own the internet, but they have made it easier to use for both businesses and people sitting at home. It’s a large marketplace on the web, with billions of voices all wanting to be heard, so if you want to be heard by more people on the internet understand how search engine work. Think of how you search for something.


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