Missy Elliot Plans on Coming Back with a New Album

Missy Elliot, the legendary rapper, plans on making a comeback. Missy, the rapper who rose to fame in the fame in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with hits like “Lose Control” and “Work it,” is planning on returning from her long hiatus. Missy Elliot’s latest album is “The CookBook.” That albums was released in 2005, so her next one is long overdue.

Missy Elliot according to the HuffingtonPost.com in an article titled, “Missy Elliot Discusses Career Hiatus, Promises a Comeback,” cares more about quality rather than the quantity of albums that she releases. She is quoted saying, “When I create something, it’s got to be special.” She obviously cares about her craft, and doesn’t appear to be obsessed with just money or fame. She really wants to produce something inspiring.

What seems to be the most interesting is that her biggest rival could be Nicki Minaj, the most current popular female rapper.  It will be interesting to see who becomes victorious in terms of accolades, and album sales. Maybe there won’t be any rivalry at all.  There might be a possible collaboration between the two female rappers. Everyone will just have to wait and see.

Missy Elliot hasn’t even mentioned when she will release her next album or what the title would be. It could be months or years from now. She is quoted saying, “It’s coming. I just ain’t telling nobody when.”  She might follow the trend that other artists have been doing and release the album unexpectedly without any promotion whatsoever.  The world will just have to patiently wait. Easier said than done.

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