Why Do Men Always Feel The Need To Feel So Manly All The Time?

It all starts from when males are little boys. They look at their father shave and they cannot wait to grow their first couple of hairs on their chin or under their armpits. As they get a little older, they want to wear cologne that smells strong so they can feel strong, then as they grow up they move from the coconut body wash that mom used to buy them and start buying body wash such as Old Spice or Axe. They move from tight underwear to boxers, from hidden socks to ankle socks, and so on. Why is this? All because men always, always need to feel like they are Alpha and they are in control. Men need to feel like they are strong and they compete with each other almost as much as women do…almost.
This is the same reason that men feel the need to talk “trash” with their buddies about women, cars, sports. They bond over feeling manly together. Of course, they have to top it off with beers, watching a sports game, playing poker, and maybe even smoking a few cigars here and there on their “guy nights” together. Some man zones places where no woman should ever want to be with their man is the barber shop, the locker room, and sport watching parties and “guys night”.
The funny thing is what guys never want their buddies to know about them. ‘Not So Manly Things’ that men would not want their buddies to ever know about them: The fact that they get pedicures done with their wife every two weeks, that one of their favorite drinks is a Strawberry Mojito, that they actually got into watching Sex and The city with their wife, the fact that they love to cook (maybe even bake), that they sing everyday in the shower, they use baby wipes to clean themselves after doing number two, they listen to Adele when they’re feeling down, they get their chest waxed, the list goes on and on. In the end, men may want us to think that they are always cutting lumber with an axe or fighting in the back alleys of bars but we know the truth. No man is ever as manly as they claim to be.

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