MLB: Derek Jeter says he will retire after 2014 season

The one thing I will always remember about Derek Jeter is his will to win. The short stopper out of New Jersey is a five-time World Series champion and is considered the greatest shortstop. Some of his accomplishments include winning the Rookie of the Year Award in 1996 along with winning the 1996 World Series. Jeter is the Yankees all-time leader in hits, bats, games played, and stolen bases. One moment that Derek Jeter will never forget is reaching his 3000th career hit. On July 9th, 20111, the Yankees faced the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. On the third inning, Derek Jeter was sitting at 2,999 career hits. Jeter hit a home run over the left field wall after the ball was pitched to him. It was announced by the Major League Baseball broadcasters that day that Jeter became the 28th player in Major League Baseball to reach that number, and he received a standing ovation from the crowd and from his teammates.

Derek Jeter will be turning 40 on June 26th, and in my opinion, Derek has nothing else to prove to the world. His stats and the goals that he’s accomplished has said it all. Although he suffered a lot of injuries in the 2013 season which included an ankle injury, he’s always showed his passion for the game of baseball and always wanted to help his team even if he played though minor injuries. Since this will be Jeter’s last season, I expect not only him, but his teammates to start the 2014 season off strong and finish the season with a good record so that Derek can leave Major League Baseball with something else to remember. I wish the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter a successful 2014 season and I hope he finishes his career off on a strong note.

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