Orange County Deputy was Killed on Duty Tuesday Morning

Orange county deputy found dead while on duty. He was shot and killed in early Tuesday morning while he was investigating something that happened. The deputy was 34 years old and was working on cars that had break-ins in Westminister Abbey Boulevard, and around South Apopka, Conroy Windermere. What investigators are saying is that, the deputy has spotted a man and a woman in a car and they started to fire at him, they hit him and flee. After that incident happened, they contacted the fire department and notified them of the location of the shooting where they went quickly to where the deputy was and transported the deputy to the Orlando Regional Medical Center and after hours of trying to save his life, the deputy lost his life.


The deputy was a married man as well as a father to three children. They haven’t released his name at this time, but they are asking for everyone to please pray for his family at this time.  They also said that the deputy was wearing a bulletproof vest while he was working and was shot while wearing it. There have been a lot of burglaries around the neighborhoods and they even posted a billboard stating to please lock your cars because they continue to break-in to cars stealing valuables. This is really scary to know that there are people out there that are willing to kill a deputy that is trying to protect our town. It makes me wonder how many bad people cross my path on a daily basis. That deputy did not deserve to die while working to help others. Everyone should pray for him and his family at this moment.

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