Disaster in Sochi has Americans disgusted!!!

Sochi ,Russia claiming to have evolved from the days of the cold war mother Russia image, Sochi was chosen to host the 2014 winter Olympic games. Over fifty one million dollars was spent getting ready for this epic event . Nine media hotels were set to open last Friday in anticipation of the big day. Could Russia meet the expectation, or was the pressure too much for a recovering former world power? Well maybe too early to tell now, but most think the Russians are on a fast track to failure.

#sochiproblems has gained a dramatic following because of the horrendous conditions of these hotels.These conditions that would send Vladimir Putin in an outrage. Buildings undone, and unprepared, wild dogs haunt the guests barging in through uncovered openings is just the half. One bathroom was so poorly constructed it trapped a man in. Having to tear a large hole in the center, but the biggest problem of them all was the water. The water which isn’t running in most of the hotels is so disgusting the hotels has issued warnings claiming to keep away from peoples face highly contaminated Yikessss!!! When you see the color and the texture of this water if you manage to keep down the under cooked meal served in the hotel conference room the water resembles a beer you can use to wash it down with just terrible. Why would anyone even consider sticking around?

The Winter games are attended by over 100 countries and attracts millions of people. This is an important opportunity for Russia to attract new tourism and businesses also to generate a tremendous amount of revenue.  These errors need to be fixed immediately and we need to be wowed by some magical experience to not consider the hosting location a total dud.

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