The Walking Dead thrills fans with mid-season premiere.

The AMC original series, Walking Dead, returned to the screens Sunday night, nearly beating its own record at the ratings by managing to drag 15.8 million desperate fans to their television sets, dying to find out what is the next chapter for Rick and the crew. These numbers put the zombie apocalypse saga above the Sochi Winter Olympics in terms of viewers and at the top of the charts for 2014 so far. The return of the show also became the most-tweeted-about, non-sports television event of the week.

The ninth episode of the series’ fourth season picks up after the very much intense and controversial season finale aired back in December.  On the previous episode we lost the beloved Hershel Greene to the hands of the most hated Governor in Television, as he tries to take over the prison, but soon after is killed by Michonne who stabs him right through the chest in the most unexpected yet bad-ass fashion. Now, all the people remaining from the prison have escaped in different directions in hopes of finding a new place for shelter AND Rick’s daughter Judy is still missing.

Ratings for Sunday’s TWD season premiere fell behind fall’s record when the debut of the first half of the season reported an astounding 16.1 million viewers. Spring season is only warming up though, critically-acclaimed dramas like House of Cards and Scandal are coming back this month; as well as Game of Thrones’ fourth chapter, and Mad Men’s final season, which are both set to premiere in April.

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