Money Gone Digital, Better or More of a Mess?

In a world where everyone has and smart phone and credit card, who really needs to carry around their wallet? Smart phones are now giving you the ability to pay credit cards, add money to debit cards and way more options then you can imagine. I recently downloaded an app called Key Ring. The app allows me to take pictures of the barcodes on all my rewards cards instead of having to carry them around all the time. It also allows me to do the same with gift cards and sends me coupons for the places I have uploaded. The world is advancing with money thinking  “Why should I have to carry my wallet and my phone?” For the disorganized its probably the best way to keep everything together, but the real concern is now with the possibility of losing your phone.The only thing you now have to carry is your license and someone may be working on that or all we know now.  Now a days when you lose your phone, you lose your life. And many people in my opinion are way to relaxed about what the put on their phones as well as the internet. The idea of everyone running around with all their credit cards on their phones seems convenient but not necessarily safe. That seems to easy for someone’s identity to be stolen. For example you get your phone stolen and that person only has to know the override code to get in and find all your information now that many people use the “Remember me” option for their passwords and usernames. So yes technology in the money world is evolving quickly and in someways for the better, but I think there are some things we need to slow down on for the idea of a completely digital wallet for our own safety or at least until we have a more secured technology.

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