Smart Phones- Your All-In-One Device

Just six years ago, before the first IPhone was released, smart phones seemed to be an uncommon treat reserved for the elite. When one my lucky friends got a smart phone, I marveled at the technological feat.  Then the IPhone came, and revolutionized the world of smart phones. As new models developed and other companies joined the craze, the smart phone developed into an all-in-one device, making it hardly necessary to carry anything else.

I always believed that a camera phone could never beat a real camera when it came to picture quality. Now I’m beginning to question that statement. Smart phones like the IPhone and Samsung Galaxy have improved their camera’s picture quality with each model. My Galaxy S III can take better pictures in low light than my Samsung camera, and fits in my pocket. I no longer see mothers taking out a camera to take pictures of their children. Instead, on the spur of the moment, they can whip out their thinner, lighter, smart phones and snap the picture.

When I first got my smart phone, I hardly touched my computer. Almost everything a computer can do, a smart phone can do, and it’s much lighter. I can update on social media, post photos, browse the web just about anywhere with 4G, and even watch Netflix. I also use my phone to listen to music, another use for the phone.

With one object, I’ve eliminated needing to carry a camera, a computer, and an iPod on top of a phone. I’ve only had my smart phone for a year, and I already wonder how I lived without this little hub to the world at my side. The answer is that life was just a little less convenient. Of course, there is one more feature that a smart phone offers, the one I use the least: the phone call feature.

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