More and more women are turning natural proving that natural hair is making a comeback.

Being apart of the natural community right is everything right now and I am proud to be a member. I have been natural for about three years now and I have had a rough time but I love the journey. Reading and watching other naturalista share their stores about their journey is something that I can relate to, growing up this subject was never talked about because we did not really take good care of our hair. Mainly because no on really taught us how to do hair, deep conditioning, co washing, moisturizing, protect and everything else that we need to know. As a child I always see women with long permed hair it was rare to see a women with long natural. In the black community we strive to get long hair but we lack to get healthy hair. You can have that goes down to your back but that does not mean that the hair is healthy. African American hair requires  a lot of hard work and care and back then people did not take the time to learn about their hair.

Now because of YouTube and so many young women who have decided to go natural and share their journey online it has really helped almost the whole natural hair community with their process. I have learned so much about my hair and many other women hair. Recently I help my friend cut her hair to because natural and I did a pretty good job. I have been also giving her tips and advice and they have been working because I have sen the growth. So many women have made the decision to go natural and they are loving the journey, even more and more women in Hollywood have decided to wear their natural and young children are looking up to them. This is an amazing thing because growing up I had no one to look up to when it comes to hair not even my mother

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